Surprise your customer

What do you want Sir?
How can be I of any assistance to you?

Two of the most effective sentences to immediatly win over somebody’s immediate attention, appreciation, acceptance and approval.

The effluent and affording, the industrialist and the one in power would like you to choose from a list, multiple choices.  It gives one the perverse pleasure to choose from a platter which is full of options.

Today’s successful businesses can also thrive on this counter question.
What will you have? 
What do you want Sir?

In your interview with the companies that come to the placement office, is it not wonderful to select from what’s on offer, to ask, ‘what do you have?’

But in revolutionary times, when the number of options is exploding, the opportunities go to someone who can describe something that’s not in use, that perhaps has never even been described or been offered ever before. It is in a situation where who springs the pleasent surprise first.

In today’s world of customization, it doesnt work if you don’t know what you want.  Someone who can describe that better to you can sell you what you didnt want in first place.

It  is the world massive overlapping of segmentation variables where the motto should be  “If we don’t sell it, you don’t want it.”


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