What do customers want?

What many organizations term as customer service is a mere processing of theĀ  customers. Let me explain it.

Suppose you are checking into a hotel. You have requested for a airport pick up the car is there as you come out of airport. When you reach the hotel a cosignere greets you takes your luggage from the car. The receptionist gives a warm smile, even it is the first time, your room is ready so you check in. You just have to give your visting card and no hassles to write in the register. And there is colimentary breakfast coupen on the table of your room. Now a lot of you will contradict me, but this does not qualify as a service.

Because the entire flow described by me above is a mere process that the hotel is supposed to do for every customer , unfailingly. If they dont they dont deserve the business. Customer Service according to me is providing to the customer something which no one in the business is giving at present. And if someone does, you ought to be better than them.

Customer service is difficult, expensive and unpredictable. But it’s a mistake to assume that any particular example is automatically either good or bad. A company might spend almost nothing on customer service but still succeed in reaching its goals.

Customer service succeeds when it accomplishes what the organization sets out to accomplish. Google doesn’t have a phone number, doesn’t want to engage with most users. McDonald’s doesn’t give you a linen napkin. Fedex used to answer the phone on one ring, now it takes 81 seconds for them to answer a call. None of these things are necessarily bad, they’re merely examples of alignment (or non-alignment).

Organizations don’t accidentally run ads, don’t mistakenly double (or halve) the amount of cereal they put in the box. They shouldn’t deliver customer service that doesn’t match their goals either.


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