Elements of Customer Experience – Is it your Company Policy?

“Sir, it is not in our company policy”

How many times as a customer have you heard this sentence in your life?

I bet on an average at least 10 times a year. What does that signify ? that you are a very demanding customer ? NO.

Every successful organisation a set of rules and business policies. But if you were the head of an organization and an employee varied from the organizations policy to amaze and delight the customer, would he be praised or punished? Sorry only 2 options.

Of course, situations and services must be handled in a completely legal, ethical and responsible manner. But if the policy was violated  with a view to enhance the customer’s experience with your product or service what should be the first concern ?

Customer or Violation? Sorry again only 2 options.

I had mentioned in one of the previous update about Starbucks and their customer obsession.Here are a few questions for your self assessment.

# Does your organization think customer ?

Let me explain what I mean by this question –

  1. Does the Vice President/ Chief Marketing Officer possess a Superior Information about his customers? By superior information I mean you should know which client has what preference. You know their names and you know why they feel the way they do.

At a mentoring program of World’s leading agricultural services provider company for their LRP exercise the Head of the Marketing introduced to me his best salesman. I asked that guy you are the best salesman of this company who is your best customer. He immediately came up with the name of the customer. Then I asked him to speak for just 2 minutes about the customer. He could barely go beyond the name address and some of the activities of the firm.

That was in January 2103 and that guy has left the organisation in January 2015 ( the reasons and analysis in some later update) 

2.Do you practise Systematic Empathy. Systematic Empathy is the ability to identify the course of wind and quickly    understand the other persons feeling (or difficulty).

# Does your customer feel he is served better than expected ?

#  Does your company create a perception of value received (do you make your customer feel good?)

Bottom line

# Treat your customer as if you were going to see him everyday for the rest of your life !


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