Reality and pride

Sometimes people tell you that you are damn good. A good salesman or a good orator. You can engage people longer than many others. Or you might be such a bore! Not good enough.

Here is the challenge. Some people keep going at it until they are good enough.Others either give up or change course. For those who keep on changing the course more often have a great opportunity to discover something one day what they might have never imagined in the first place. Excited by the rays on the horizon they keep going at it more verve and passion. And they finally succeed.

Mind you, the most logical of the career paths that you read of successful people were in fact a series of trial and error as well as some forced choices.

So the key to success is to convert adversity to advantage?

If it were so simple then why is everybody not as successful as one would be? The reason behind that is some people refuse to accept the reality under false pride. If pride were to feed your stomach well, go ahead and go hungry!

It is better to be proud of achievement and eat the fruits of diligent efforts rather than go sit on an olive branch waiting for some hunter to bait you for food and then kill you.

I am in no way asking you to stoop too low by swallowing your self respect. But what I am actually advising is to keep pecking into your bark like a woodpecker.


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