Shoes that don’t fit (and free salt)

A beautiful pair of shoes, but one size too small, on sale and everything…. Not worth buying, not for you, not at any price.
Because shoes that don’t fit aren’t a bargain.

I have nice pair of formal leather shoes of Hushpuppies an expensive brand sold at all the bata outlets. Before moving to the US I took them to a Bata store near Inox Multiplex for some minor repair as they come with a lifetime service gurantee.

Now the normal sale prize of a decent pair of Hushpuppies is around Rs.3000/- .To my surprise the Manager with whom l  got friendly offered to me a brand new pair at Rs. 1875/-(?) With Bill.So no chance of a fake. Defects ? Check it and then pay ! Just the shape was slightly curved at the toe than my pair which has the classy look.

Now here is what favorite Business Tycoon (Icon)  Warren Buffet quotes his mentor Munger:
Being rational is a moral imperative. You should never be stupider than you need to be,”

And here is question which will upset any hardcore capitalist , do you more often than not, buy things (possesions)  you really dont need at present ?

And at a restaurant, you may have noticed that there’s no extra charge for salt. You can have as much salt as you want on your food, for free. (Of course, it’s not really free, it’s part of the cost of the meal, so we paid for it, so we might as well get our money’s worth, might as well use a lot.) Of course, that’s silly, because regardless of how much we were billed for the salt, no matter how unlimited our access to it is, using more is merely going to ruin our meal. Too much salt isn’t a bargain.

Buffets (like life, organizations, projects, art…) aren’t actually, “all you can eat.” They’re, “all you care to eat.” Which is something else entirely. Just because you can have it doesn’t mean you want it. Just because we paid for it doesn’t mean we should use all of it. So how much ever you gorge it is gonna hit your health.


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