Don’t Fit in

Are you a genius? Well not all geniuses are geniuses all the time. Remember my comment on laggards in the last blog? Well, a stupendous success might at times, behave unlike what you supposed him or her to.

But let me tell you this. We all are geniuses on sometime to other. Isn’t it a wonderful and very pleasing statement? However the problem lies in our age old culture and beliefs imbibed in us by the tradition we have been bought up in.

Our system is such that they will reward you only if you ‘fit in’.

But in our heedfulness to attain acceptance and stability we actually trade off our genius, our art.

Just look around, in a bus or a train; look at your colleagues at workplace or when you go to a social gathering. You can see people who have so much to give. But these geniuses (even you) have been bullied enough, frightened by this goddamn system to hold it back. As a result art suffers.

You often can see the pain because they have been the victims of senseless system that uses them as an undervalued pawn. Come on time, do only what you are told to, punch in –out at given times, study to pass (not learn), there are many idiots in this world to waste their time on trying to create an art or make a difference. Do you see them fail? Are you going to be like them? Or a universally accepted member of our society like your Parent, Teacher or Boss.

The time has come to stop complying with the system and chart your own path. Don’t mistake my writing as some kind of social revolution. No I am not asking you to break some shackles.

Realize your brilliance because your contribution to the world around you is valuable, the world needs you and what you can create will be precious. What you are capable of doing, no one else can make you do. Only you can do it and you must. So please stand up now to make a difference.

Start by doing your daily routine differently. The way you interact with your family, your colleagues. Think is there a better way to do the work you do daily? Before you sign in for the day, just ask yourself did you make a positive difference in someone’s life today. You start this and it will soon be a habit which you live with the rest of your life.

So go ahead and create!

Hugely inspired by the book Linchpin by S.Godin.


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