Look less,understand more

The world is changing. The education systems and business systems are changing around the world. People are learning to coexist, collaborate, converging for a common cause or face a threat and very quickly going back to their positions of comfort.

In such a dynamic scenario, people who can constantly create have longer curve in their PLC (Professional Life Cycle) than those who stick to their posts.

Not long ago, while consulting a MSME of Gujarat asked “Can you suggest how I can find people who will readily fit into my business?”  When I asked what about his present lot he sounded very diffident about them.

It’s unreasonable to expect extraordinary work from someone who isn’t trusted to create it.

It’s unreasonable to find someone truly talented to switch to your organization when your organization is optimized to hire and keep people who are mediocre and merely want the next job.

It’s unreasonable to expect that you’ll develop amazing people when you don’t give them room to change, grow and fail.

Our entire system is set up around the word “deliverance” People who can reliably keep their promises, who deliver. “Quite likely,” are two comforting words for anybody.

Aiming too high is just as fearful a tactic as aiming too low. Before you promise to change the world, it makes sense to do the hard work of changing your own company.

One of the B2B Company whom I had consulted did a marketing audit and found that a third of their business came from repeat clients, another third from referrals, and the last third from all of his other marketing efforts.

So what is the solution?

We all need to look for opportunities to put that ‘y’ in front of ‘our’. The people you are hoping will become your customers are tired of being asked to speak with you, meet you, just to tell how happy they are doing business with you. What they desperately want is for you to look at them first.


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