People play

When people get bored they play games. Some people watch games and get bored.
Why does this happen ? Because people are wary of doing something new most of the time.
As they get bored of doing the same thing over and over they get bored. They even get bored of games!

People power is the greatest, as some social scientist will postulate. But according to me the hunger for power leads to a counter effect sooner or later. That explains all the revolutions till date.
Hunger a more of a physical attribute is often attached to tangible desires. But how would one describe the need to overpower, gloat in the feeling of superiority? The single most affection to have a upper hand, always.

When a person aspires for a position in his profession we call him ambitious. But the same person turns into a autocratic fanatic once he reaches a milestone. Then he gradually starts loving it so much that he suffers acute pangs of insecurity.

What if …..?

The other, whiter, side of this is a creater.who loses interest soon after the creation.( perhaps bored?).
The creater never looks back. He need not. So one should keep on creating something new, bold , life changing. Let us lift this world a notch higher from Mediocrity to Meritocracy . Work as you wish. Alone or take people along. The world is not going to wait for you. It has its own rate of rotation and revolves in its orbit. It is up to you to put your mark when each side faces you.



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