Customer loyalty is reciprocal

Does your organization know more about the customer than your competitor?
Superior information you specifically know which client has what preferance.
Do you know why do they feel the way they do about products and service?
Even if you have a remarkable product or a service, however if you cannot provide a compelling reason for the customer to do business with you , sorry you dont deserve a dime of the customer’s money.
So many organizations spend an incredible amount of money and efforts to get new customers. But in all that attention to get new customers from the front door they fail to notice fleeing of some existing customers.
So what is the basis of customer loyalty? Let’s try to get under the skin of the customer and understand what they check before the buy.
a) Reliability : People, Product , Service ( and necessarily in that order);
b) Response : Touchpoints
c) Reliability : Assurance of right decision in choosing you over your competitior in terms of accountability and troubleshooting.
d) Empathy : You feel their pain. Their process improvement issues are yours.
e) Tangibles : Do you leave behind a trial of tangibles, creating a compelling experience?
Business owners like to blame customer for not being loyal, but most of the time they haven’t given their customers any reason to be loyal to them.
So what is the basis of customer loyalty?
It is knowing and providing what they really want.
Seth Godin says businesses must become remarkable.
Organization like Starbucks have an obsession for sensations. They create a feeling of passion and excitement for their customers – who reward them with loyalty and referrals.

 Success comes to businesses that seek innovation, and find ways to adapt to change, no matter which direction it comes from

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