The story we tell ourselves

Successful people know that some things have to be experienced. You can’t always get the important lesson from being taught or reading a book. This is true in all of life, whether you are driving a car, catching a wave, throwing a baseball, or riding a bike.

The work that really matters is never what others are supposed to do.

To make it in this world we need to plough it ourselves, no one has the time(and inclination) to help you.

In the movie wizard of Oz, the wizard tells Dororthy” Bring me the broomstick from the wicked with”., this was not because he needed the broomstick, but he wanted push her away. Similarly people ask you to take some education or go take some experience. ” Do you know such-and-such IT software ? Do you have a U.S. Experience ? That’s a lot of BS. They just want to send you back.

So often in our lives we as individuals fail to see the power we hold. We look to others for the power, we look to perceived experts, so-called wizards, whether they be our managers, our relatives or our friends to provide us with the answers we seek. In searching for answers in business or in life we can lack faith in our own capabilities, we lack trust in the power we have within ourselves to solve our own problems.

S0 before approaching someone from help question your assumptions. The story you are going to tell yourself. What you think you can do, your weaknesses is all invented. You already have what you need to get to the next level.

Like getting into a crowded local, you just need a foothold to climb. Create a story others will tell about you.

And finally, use the power to go back to Kansas, like Dororthy


Why people dont bite the bait

The only things on which people spend time and money on are things that they believe are worth more than they cost.

The key words of this obvious sentence are often miscalculated:

Believe, worth and cost.

Belief like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Believe as in emotion.

Worth as in what we’ll trade. Worth as in our perception of its worth right now, not later.

and Cost, as in our expectation of how much it will hurt to get it, not merely the price tag.

If people aren’t buying your product (training service), it’s not because the price is too high. It’s because they don’t believe enough, don’t love it enough, don’t care enough.

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