Why people scale up

Recently a Manager retired. There was a farewell party. Mementos and speeches. He served for 30 years as a Manager. Groomed people who advanced in their careers to higher positions. Some went to become entrepreneurs.

Then why did this person retire as a Manager?

If we were to look around us we will find many good “Managers”. They are the best for that work.

The question arises why some people remain good managers?

According to me there are various levels to which a person advances in his career from the trainee/executive/ associate level.

Level 1 -Supervisor or a lead. He / She has some expertise in the field or gains some on job. But cannot advance due to two basic human negative emotions arrogance and ego. Peter Drucker terms something called “learning arrogance” ( person self limits from learning new skill sets).Ego of being better than others in that area of work.(when it comes to xyz, boss always calls me).

Level 2 – Manager . He has a wider field of knowledge and experience, but limits self by not letting it go(can’t delegate). There is also some sort of resentment over company policy or against system.

Level 3- General Manager. Efficient task master, delegates , monitors well, people person. Reliable.

Level 4 – President “EFFECTIVE” knows what is required when. Off the cuff thinker/decision taker

An old joke at the cost of repetition –

Supervisor is advising the worker on punctuality ” Mr. ABC , only if you give up your drinking habit you could one day rise to a highest level in this company. ”

ABC : Sir , how can that happen ?

Supervisor: If you give up drinking and are punctual. Company will acknowledge your regularity and hard work to make you a supervisor within three years.  Once you continue the good work as a Supervisor the company could promote you as a Manager within next five years. Our company also trains its people so we could send for Management Training and you could rise further as a General Manager.

ABC : So it will take me at least 12-15 years to become a GM?

Supervisor : Maybe.

ABC : Sir, why should I wait so much ? 3 pegs in just 15 minutes takes me to a mental level of President’s position !


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