More interesting than you realize.

Human beings thrive on the quest for total control, for a day that feels like it’s up to us. That quest is compelling, but it turns out that we’re in danger of building a world where the fruitless search for control is undermining the future we can create.

So many a times you hear a response ” Err, I am kind of busy” or ” Can you call back some other time ?”

The question comes to our mind, are we interesting enough?

An interesting person is interesting to us because he/she combines two things: Truth and surprise.

Everyone is capable of telling the truth. And everyone has been surprising at least once

The truth: Not necessarily a measurable truth in nature, but merely the truth of experience. “I believe this,” or “I see that.”

And surprise. is always local. Surprising to me, others. That’s one reason that it’s said that interesting people are empathetic enough to realize what might be surprising to the people around, and they have the confidence to deliver on that insight.

Which means that being an interesting person is a choice. We can choose to show up, to care enough to contribute our humanity to the next interaction.

It’s a choice, but a difficult one, because being interesting feels risky. People are afraid to be interesting, not unable to be interesting.

We are not born uninteresting. But it’s entirely possible that we were  persuaded to be so frightened of the consequences that you no longer have the passion, the generosity or the guts to be interesting any longer.




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