Treat your customers the way they want to be treated

Often the industry’s efforts to streamline and expand the technological efficiency create confusion among customers seeking “human touch”. In this fast developing app based economy, sometimes too much of information and jargon turns out to be counter productive. 
Agreed in today’s time of disrupting technology, which is creating more and more competition, customers are more empowered by the available information and so loyalty is much lower than ever before.
Brands are no longer about what company say, but what people experience. Too much of automation is leading us into a “voice mail jail”. If you doubt this statement try calling your bank, mobile service provider or insurance. Even after pressing zero to talk to a CSR, who greets you in very warmly businesslike tone he/she is in haste to “wind”you up because the maximum time they should spend with you over phone is 620 seconds, as that is the benchmark for a call center executive’s world over.
We as human beings desire the human touch! Relationships are built on human interaction- and these emotional connections are what customers really want. May it be a product or service buying decisions are weighed by its utility, convenience, and cost.
The best way according to me is to work towards simplifying it by asking the following questions from the customer’s perspective, say for a mobile service:-
Is it simple to understand?
What is it? ; How does it work?; What is so good about it?    
Is it simple to deal with ?
How much time will it take for me to get it? Can I return it or exit easily if I don’t like it?
Is it simple to use?
Can I turn it on/off easily? Is there a lengthy procedure to avail it? Do I need to refer a manual every time I have to use it?
In a bid to establish how superior they are compared to their competition marketing executives often tend to provide such detailed information about their company,product features and/or services which may be so overwhelming for the customer that it turns counterproductive.
Anecdote :
A customer goes to a grocery store in India and asks for drinking water bottle. Customer “One Bisleri Please”;
Shop owner ” Which one”
Customer “Kinley”


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