E is for Engagement

Waiting at an Airport terminal to catch a flight looked up the commercial playing on the TV monitors lined up at the terminal’s waiting area , finished your lunch and there is still time on your break and you are just passing time watching the TV in break room , Or you picked up the remote of your home TV and just turned on any channel out of curiosity – in any of these situation there is something that catches your attention, momentarily, but engaging enough to arouse some curiosity and interest, something different not the usual.

“Engagement” –distracting enough is the mantra to get a continuous attention of your customers who are your target audience in a marketplace cluttered with plethora of offers and the ‘veiled’ rip offs by businesses elbowing anyone to maintain a foothold in their crowded marketplace.

What did a Minnesota based entrepreneur who makes $100 Mns/year by spending $45 Mns/year advertising a pillow do? or what did a powerful YouTube video by the founder of a e-commerce startup offering weekly shave as low as $3 to men itching to find an alternative to the high-price blades sold by Gillette and Schick do? They Engaged the audience with something really unique, but addressing a daily need that really mattered in a most cost effective manner.

During customer survey, rather than using a generic scale that might range from very satisfied to very dissatisfied, as is commonly found in Likert scale questions, the Semantic differential questions are posed within the context of evaluating attitudes. Where the lowest rating could start from (P)oor–>(F)air–>(G)ood–> (E)xcellent. Similarly E is for Engagement nothing beats this strategy for  getting constant attention of your customers continuously pestered with promos,ads and offers.

With due respects to Ries and Trout the father of positioning strategy and also Late Edward Chamberlin  for his 1933 Theory of Differentiation. The take away from both these is the art of Engagement,the key maintain a sellers impermanent position in a queue where every marketer is vying for the distracted customer’s attention.

More about such unique engagement strategies in my next update. Meanwhile , guys please use good engagement tactics to keep the attention of your Valentines.


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