Look out for the crevice

Just a few moments ago, I met James at a coffee shop. He is an iPhone repair expert. Lack of money and infrastructure but compensated by talent with humility. I watched a few minutes while he deftly repaired a device, the young owner paid for the services and thanked.

While I walk upto him more impressed than curious, he receives a call. ” I Phone Repair!” he answers in a crisp well mannered, business like tone. I wait till he finishes. The prospect has called up to make sure he is still at the coffee shop where he is available everyday.

If you have a costly smartphone it is a crime (yes crime) to break it within a few months.Even if you have insurance it works like the auto insurance claim, where the deductible portion works like a penalty for aspiring to have a costly smartphone and then- breaking it ! People like James are a blessing to this world of distraught youngsters who are most susceptible to the predicament.

The title of today’s post might be a trifle naughty. But I could not think of anything better.(so quickly). We have case studies of smart entrepreneurs effectively use niche marketing strategies while planning marketing campaigns, especially useful strategy for smaller companies with limited budgets and products or services that are targeted toward a certain segment of the population.

In a mature market place, there are niches galore, niches exist within niche markets. So the smart entrepreneurs need to find a hitherto unattended need to get a foothold for themselves by conducting authentic-seeming conversations with target customers.How ? Easy!  First find where exactly the shoe pinches. Provide a solution which is prompt, seamless and cost effective.

Rather than having to trek to 9 different stores to find the perfect black dress there are online stylist, who once they get to know your style and size, arrange to send you a boxfull of clothes and accessories selected just for you, according to your budget with a worry free return if you do not like some or all of it.Saves time and money and is a boon for people who find it a bother to take a trip to the mall. And, if you’ve got a special occasion coming up, it’s a great way to find the perfect outfit without having to make a bunch of trips to a bunch of stores for shopping and making returns.

The eyewear industry was dominated by a single company enabling them to keep prices artificially high while reaping huge profits from consumers who didn’t have other options.Buying glasses should be easy and fun. It should leave you happy and good-looking, with money in your pocket. With this objective a company created an alternative by offering higher-quality, better-looking prescription eye wear at a fraction of the going price.You can even choose a frame online and try it with 3D digital mapping done with your webcam.

Men were wary of paying higher price for their daily shave for high priced blades in oligopoly built by two leading traditional consumer products marketing companies ,with the pricey blades kept in locked plastic doors at stores.There came a e-commerce company, which   built a unique association with the target customers by blending of a cheap and convenient product with entertaining content thus providing a reason to snatch customer’s attention away from traditional razor sellers.

In a digitally  connected world consumer demands and expectations are constantly progressing.Today’s consumer is technologically more empowered and a marketplace that gives them increasing control over their brand relationships, younger consumers are even more demanding than their older peers. Every Brand is susceptible to this changing customer sentiments. Therefore the real winners shall be those who can find the crack, slit it open and create a new positioning which addresses the unattended need of the consumer.





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