Hire to Retain

Recent conversation on LinkedIn by a group of HR enthusiasts, interested me. The topic was about hiring the right candidate and some strategies on hiring the right candidate, ensure they succeed at job and give the returns on investment on hiring, training and retaining. Which kind of stirred up a memory of similar dialogue I had with a now retired dean of Management Faculty M.S.U and now a Professor@Delhi School of Management, I’d used a term “Programmed to fail” to his apparent amusement at the state of hiring of candidates by grossly inadequate HR officials of my company. The only mantra my guru had for me was “but you are empowered, isn’t it? turn the glass into a crystal!”

No company hires a candidate to fire. So what explains such high attrition rate? Ambition? Opportunity? Pure financial attraction or is it the age-old peg and hole theory? Well I believe a square peg can be systematically trimmed at edges to fit the round hole.

When I was interviewed as a new hired manager, by a Retired Maharashtrian Tata Executive who was our HR consultant (and responsible for most the mis-hires) about the comparison between the present company with previous (Bombay Dyeing Mfg.Co.Ltd. Ltd) I had shared the role of HR limits after the initial hire and the departmental lead or HOD should take over to shape the future of the hired and bring out talent to mold it as per company needs. And the process is continuous.

What is it that makes an employee happiest? A sense of achievement! The pride of reaching a goal. This followed by instant gratification and appreciation conveyed in cash or kind. So, what is new that I am stating? Really not? But how many organizations have such mechanisms.

This is what I have seen across the board (across borders). ‘Programmed’ Supervisors view their role as overseer – disciplinarian – enforcer – show scant interest in developing or mentoring their team – but are simply focused on pleasing their boss (to survive). To them pushing people to perform is the best way to display leadership. As a result, they end up having suckers who “play favorites” for reasons other than merit which creates an environment of discrimination. Which leads to frustration amongst the ranks resulting into significantly higher quit rates.

I must mention here,that mostly, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the finest supervisors who lead by example – coaching, mentoring – providing performance feedback – more of advice on failure-how not repeat it and fostering a greater sense belonging to the team and at the workplace.

Remember one thing, nobody, repeat nobody goes to work to under perform. The triggers are at the workplace itself. It is all about culture at the workplace what does the leader (team lead/supervisor) bring in his baggage when he or she comes at workplace with. The buck starts and stops at their desk.


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