More important than you think

Keeping employees motivated is important in any environment, whether it be in a round table discussion with executives, among battle-weary troops, or on the court with an under performing basketball team. If you can’t get your employees or coworkers excited about working for you or with you, many of those uninspired workers are going to leave to find happiness (and a paycheck) elsewhere.

Most people dialing into a customer service contact center expect the person answering them, to fix the problem. It is estimated only 30% of respondents exhibited to have the will, tools and authority to resolve. The most concerning fact is remaining 70 % in customer service and sales exhibiting nothing more than a pleasant outlook and well scripted speech.

While there is no success recipe, experts opine, a healthy mix of empowerment, technology, and strong work relationships can help to stem the tide of contact center agents unplugging their headsets, leaving their seats, and walking out the door — and out of your contact center forever.

When an agent is empowered he is not just somebody taking a number and transferring [the call] or escalating to a manager. Companies should invest improving technology to enable quick responsiveness which is possible by investing faster CPUs, Better VLAN configuration to avoid the software and hardware conflicts, efficient routing to avoid inbound congestion and call drops.

Finally, the providing of targeted training to agents is an important way to boost their morale, because knowing what the problem is and getting input on how to correct it allows them to be more successful in their work is the biggest motivation.

Given just how critical those customer-facing interactions are, there’s no sugarcoating the fact that agents have a difficult task it’s a very, very high pressure job that agents undertake. Motivating these agents can require a variety of tactics, but just throwing parties and instituting casual Fridays won’t be enough.

There cannot be enough pizza parties in the world to keep somebody in a job they don’t like so it is extremely important to find the right employees for the job, right out of the starting gate and follow good practices to retain them.

Frequent memos on policy changes, incentives promised but not given. “Different interpretation and manipulation of performance reward policy are all counterproductive to the right hire and investment of training and the loss of reliability scores until the agent is finally productive.

It is like flowing a pure water after several filtration steps, chemical and energy expense through a corroded pipeline to render non-potable again! The sooner managements understand these important aspects the better they will be able to manage the attrition rates in their companies.


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