Why put up with

Having to do a job , you don’t necessarily feel like doing where your professional stature isn’t respected . Where your intellect holds no value but ability to be steadfast and often suck up to those in power matters more.
This is modern days bonded labour. The curse of being a professional, having to engage with others in a way that leads to the best outcome for the business’s need.
The emotional labor of listening when we’d rather yell.The emotional labor of working with someone instead of firing them.
The emotional labor of seeking out facts and insights that we don’t (yet) agree with.
Is it difficult ?Of course it’s difficult. That’s precisely why it matters. Sometimes, knowing that it’s our job—the way we have to survive- until a time comes- that our talent is recognized—helps us pause a second and decide to do the difficult work.
Of course no one gets hired to eat a slice of sweet pie and free pizzas.


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