Map the Gap, fill it!

Dynamics of customer value creation turn yesterday’s  differentiators as a taken-for-granted norms of today. Marketers are constantly challenged to find offerings, features, positioning with the highest perceived value for their customers that will keep them constantly interested and therefore engaged.

Less compulsion, more choice

As many leading retailers struggle,under the onslaught of e-commerce, a bay area based startup is betting to break up American shoppers hooked with big brands through its offering of  generic products and simple pricing.Everything will be priced at $3. Definitely disruptive. Engaging for the time much like the Dollar Shave Club.

Too busy? No worries-surrogate shopper is here.

With the accelerating growth of online grocery shopping,especially Inc. acquisition of Whole Foods Market Inc. would put more pressure on grocery chains and startups to win over customers. Already Mega Retailer Walmart has started the online order and drive thru pickup. There are delivery companies to the aid of the grocery stores faced with a tough sell because of logistical challenges and customers’ unique preferences for perishable goods.

A delivery company in Birmingham, Ala., is offering delivery to 582,000 Indianapolis-area households through hired shoppers on a contract basis akin to ride-hailing companies Uber and Lyft to shop for you.

Hungry ? Just call.

McDonald’s is about to start testing delivery service — from nearly 200 restaurants in Orlando, Tampa and Miami by partnering with UberEATS to offer the service.Customers will be able to order anything from the McDonald’s menu through the UberEATS website or mobile app, and a courier will deliver the food to their doors.

Fast-food chains have been slow to adopt delivery services. Taco Bell was one of the first to offer the service in July 2015 through a partnership with DoorDash. But Domino’s Pizza Disrupted the Delivery Game and Became a Leader in Customer Delight.

In coming days…

The future is more and more about the combinational  impact of technological disruption and innovation accelerators that will collectively transform our world,societal factors amplify the impact. There is an interesting reciprocal tension at work here, as the social dimension is impacted or squeezed by these waves, while at the same time, social change have a reciprocal effect. Humans will have more time to look after themselves, and health care will change from catering to people when they’re ill to more monitoring and prevention. within few years , we’ll also see more drugs personalized based on people’s DNA and more training and surgery conducted remotely

More and more medical service companies selling nutrition advice, teeth cleaning, wellness checkups and emergency services are increasingly finding new homes in the strip malls and shopping centers being abandoned by traditional retailers.And there’s plenty of space available to rent as scores of retailers are closing.

With an aging population, early retirees and a focus on health, the wellness centers will be a place to be. With complementary daycare, Wi-Fi and exercise workstations for laptops, more people who prefer work from home will  be spending time at such exclusive facilities. There is an appeal to getting out of the isolation of houses and being somewhere bright, warm, with other people, and getting exercise, perhaps go out to dinner, and maybe pick up groceries on the way home.

More about this in the next update- the new club culture.



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